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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  November 26, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning or is it? people are just waking up probably, realizing an entire day of cooking to deal with. day of cooking to deal with. ben: cooking is great except for you. ben: in will be a great day for the parade. heather: not too windy, mike has the forecast. ben: balloons and floats are ready to go and so is be the nypd with the beef the presence, 3 million people in this city for that parade this morning. ben: if you think you hit the stars to get a jumpstart on
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black friday deals think again. basically stores are either staying close to, others not opening until tonight, but there are online deals already starting. >> the mother who left her newborn in a nativity manger in a queens church will not be charged. apparently the d a has spoken with her. we have an update. ben: good morning. juliet: i am juliet huddy. ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us. how are you? you have taken off your jacket, you are -- >> it looked like i was wearing a man's jacket. used to fit. maybe i lost weight. i can the deposit of side. ben: i did notice. juliet: it felt very real me. you like the conservative look. ben: i do.
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what is going gone? it will be nice today. >> meteorologist: sometimes again nothing nice at all, you're doing well, if you are heading out will be a great day. 42 degrees your temperature at central park, 35 in bridgeport, belmar sitting at 36, 30 in monticello, a few more clouds it. 23 degrees in sussex, one. depends where you are as to how much, 24 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago in montauk, that is the big warmup, 4 degrees warmer in poughkeepsie as well as central park and islip, i say that the average warm-up we have in the tristate, 6 degrees warmer in belmar. for the cloudy to mainly clear sky, not much happening with the winds, light and variable, 3 to 6 m.p.h. here is radar and satellite, many of us have clear skies, the sun is not up for a while someone will be awhile
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will want to see plenty of sunshine out there before. it will take a couple days for this guy to come in to town, a cold front that will bring showers but not until saturday. is a pretty cloudy sky, 60, 64 on black friday, rain on saturday, looks like a few quick showers mainly for the morning and that is it. let's see what we have getting out the door if you have to. we don't have to call it a commute since it is a holiday for pretty much everyone. happy thanksgiving. >> an accident causing no delays, obstructing traffic, two lanes blocked on 684 eastbound past 84 so you have a couple lanes blocked, let's go to our cameras and look at your commute. on the line by new hyde park no problems eastbound and westbound, for the parade we have street closures. let's show you what is going on, some street closures presence and for park west, you have that
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the parade at 81st street where everything will start closely from 7:00, depends on people and part of the closures columbus avenue, 86 to 34th street is what you want to avoid, the parade will move south to columbus circle, turn up on central park west 59th street and head to sixth avenue all the way down to thirty-fourth to st. that is what you want to avoid to avoid any problems, there's the parade in front of macy's with what is going on. as far as trains holidays and is it the, subways on a subway send a note schedule, street cleaning rules and meters are suspended. ben: you would have had to move the car. >> as much a part of thanksgiving as the turkey and stuffing. mes isn't celebrating thanksgiving in the city. ben: liz dahlem and on the west side. are those balloons ready? >> reporter: they are ready to go. good morning and so are we.
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this is the big symbol right here, this big turkey ready to roll down central park west, parked here and 77th street and we have seen a lot of the of loads ready to go and balloons as well but let's look down central park west, they are ready to get started in a couple hours. we were expecting record-breaking crowds with this beautiful day, over 3 million people expected to be year, 50 million will watch on television and you will also notice a lot of security here as is new york city holiday tradition comes to life. the giant balloons are ready to fly high in the sky for the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. six new balloons will make their debut bringing the number of giant characters to 17. they range from popular movie stars like snoopy to characters from angry birds, there will be floats and dances on the parade route which starts at 77th street in central park west,
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down 6 avenue and ends at macy's herald square where the stage is set. in the excitement is building. >> the olympic kids. >> even with all the holiday cheer there are some safety concerns due to recent terrorist threats, heavily armed nypd officers will be along a parade route, the mayor says the city is ready. >> this is the best prepared situation. this is a place where tremendous resources are expended to prevent any such acts. >> reporter: new yorkers and tourists alike and not letting potential threats ruin their holiday traditions. >> we need to support the city and don't need to stay home and wait for things to happen. >> this is one of the safest places in america and you got to live like, you can't live in fear. >> reporter: macy's balloon leading the pack, the rest of and behind, lining up on 77th street, workers had helmets with
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flashlights on top. they are putting the finishing touches on these floats right now and you are going to see 8,000 people held pool of this massive production off today. it is a issue huge thing and those balloons have some dimensions for you, 59 feet long, 41 feet tall, 24 feet wide so we will be a spectacular show like always is that the spirit out here will be really exciting seeing new york city come together to celebrate this holiday. we are live on central park west, juliet and then, back to you. juliet: thank you ben: this marks the beginning of a holiday season and that for a lot of people means shopping. juliet: there are people who love getting in line and waiting the crowds. bring some excitement to their stores with better deals. deals. ben: you were out yesterday.
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do we think black friday is over? juliet: stores were mobbed coin. stacey is live outside the story. >> reporter: i am with you. i saw a live big sales, and yesterday. tons of other stores i got e-mails were offering promotions. however, stores still promote for friday and promote the thanksgiving day. here at this walmart, actually a 24 hour walmart but look at this, at 6:00 tonight they will start their door buster deals and have these barricades lined up and ready to go isn't clear the they are expecting big crowds but with so many retailers cutting deals on line and sales starting early like we talked about whether it will be as big a frenzy as we of seen in past years remains to be seen. estimated 135.5 million people are expected to shop at this
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holiday weekend and there will be plenty of opportunity to spend with door buster deals some stores. once again wal-mart, target, best buy and macy's are among those opening their doors before you have a chance to digest the pumpkin pie. other retailers have taken a markedly different approach, forgoing so-called gray thursday. >> bring back the holidays with t j max, marshals and home goods. >> reporter: the take back in seeming movement picked up steam, number of retailers, response to consumer backlash and petitions to boycott those stores to do opened thursday but retail analysts say when stores open their physical locations is becoming less and less important as more people click to purchase online. more people left shopping online than ever before the won't see the frenzy in the stores we might have seen even a couple years ago. if and when the urge to shop here are a few deals you will find online and in stores. target is giving one hundred dollars gift cards with the
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purchase of an apple watch. best buy is discounting ipads by $125 and old navy and the gap are offering 50% of of everything. for some people who like going on black friday and thanksgiving day just for the thrill of it, if you are going to get out to the stores as soon as possible, j.c. penney opening its doors at 3:00, toys r us will be open at 5:00, the deals at walmart begin at 6:00, those door buster deals. back to you. juliet: we will check back with even a little bit. the mother who left her baby at a church will not be charged. ben: she was seen in surveillance video buying a towel around the corner from the church in richmond hill, the d.a. says the mother followed the spirit of the safe-haven lot and even returns to the church the next morning to make sure her child had been found.
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a custodian discovered the boy and a nativity scene with his umbilical cord still attached monday, he is doing well and is now in the care of authorities. juliet: water pressure is gradually restored to hoboken this morning and parts of jersey city's. this four days after a water main break flooded the streets, crews completed the installation of a new 36 inch valves yesterday. that one was messed up too. a boil water advisory has been lifted but residents are still left to conserve water for the next several days with adequate water pressure can be maintained throughout the whole system. will be tough because lots of people have families in town. thanksgiving dinners. ben: a lot more to come, shocking news from the family of frank gifford. what they are revealing about his brain before he died.
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juliet: mike is watching the forecast. sky coming at you, starting at 42 degrees but we will end on your 60 and that is green news, daily and hourly forecast will be broken down on the weather apps, download today on the apple itunes store and google play
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juliet: what is going down over there? >> meteorologist: might be a little something. juliet: did you for it out? juliet: don't want any pause in dare. >> meteorologist: somebody if it out already. juliet: you are a little picky. >> meteorologist: is a piece of chocolatey delight. not one we hear too much. everything is good. 36 in belmar, 34 in belmar, 46 in newark, 35 in bridgeport, 50 in montauk with mainly clear sky, temperatures warmer than they were by, depends where you
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temperatures 4 degrees warmer, montauk 24 degrees, winds on light and variable side, coming through at 3 to 6 miles an hour. not much happening on this thanksgiving morning. and we should see a clear started the day, might have a little something going on there. feel like i am getting a cold as well. ines. ines: here is what is going on. keeping an eye on an accident, putnam county, there is a crash, let's go to the cameras and look in your commute this morning if you're taking route 80 by exit 58, grand central parkway in front of la guardia, sailing both ways, no problems on the gwb, a construction suspended
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rest of the weekend, the lie action at the gwb traffic moving both ways. ben: revelation about football hall of famer frank gifford three months after his death bolstering concerns about football's dramatic impact on the brain. juliet: signs of the traumatic and settle up the were found in a brain after his death at the age of 84. they will have his brain studied in hopes of further in medical research on the condition. >> we create damage within this because the brain which is rather soft moves within the skull and there are a little areas that get damaged. juliet: this has huge implications. it has been found in the brains of dozens of former nfl players,
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loss, impaired judgment, and symptoms -- ben: a fight between new york and sports companies, eric schneiderman banning draft kings and and will from operating in new york after declaring them illegal gambling operations. the supreme court judge heard two hours, up contests of skill. and fox invested in a fantasy sports industry, 21st century fox, our parent company and owns a stake in drafting. juliet: the corruption trial of sheldon silver taking a break for the holiday, jury deliberations resume monday. adjourning for the long weekend, there have been fireworks apparently within the jury room, one of the jurors wrote a note
5:19 am
being bullied by other jurors. you got to stay here and tough it out. prosecutors accuse silver of a selecting the measure a cutting millions of dollars in kickbacks in exchange for political favors. he did not commit a crime. we have a lot more coming up. the fda signs of on a new flu shot just for seniors. why you pointing at me? >> meteorologist: my timing was bad. shot. juliet: something extra in it, extra protection for seniors. back. full of people --
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juliet: in chicago, doing some final last-minute computing. juliet: we are said to go. >> meteorologist: let's show you what is going on, clear sky
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at this point, clear sky showing up here on radar and satellite, and later as high pressure, clouds make a come back, over all for thanksgiving day this is what we have in the forecast, dry and a little cool at breakfast time and as you head out side for lunch use tea party cloudy sky with light winds, we would have barred the drizzle in the area, and clouds and sun in the afternoon, digesting and watching football or whatever is they do, whatever the case is. high temperatures 64, partly cloudy sky, drizzle tonight, 64 then, early on saturday drier
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skies, along with cooler temperatures. juliet: people in chicago protesting the police shooting of a black teenager. ben: they will try the shopping district on the busiest shopping day of the year, hundreds marched for a second straight night protesting the graphic video that showed white police officers shooting the teenagers 16 times last october. officer jason van dyke is charged with first-degree murder in the debt of 17-year-old look what -- laquan mcdonald wishy could spend is like a iron bars. juliet: flew at is the first season of vaccine containing the substance that boosts the body at simeon response. 90% of blue related deaths are among seniors.
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countries, expected to be available -- >> the dialog between muslims and christians is essential to protect against barbaras islamic extremist attacks. kenya was hit by several terrorist attacks, religious leaders, profits of peace in a world sown by hatred. the holy father said religion could never be used to justify violence. juliet: we have your top stories coming up. ben: we are live with the start of the morning when "good day"
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now, you're free to start enjoying the breakfast you love any time you wish. no way. introducing mcdonald's new all day breakfast menu. once, you changed how you ate breakfast. it's time to start changing when. >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: nice to be to allow me to speak first. the finish of the big parade is going to get underway and a couple of hours on the upper west side. it will be picture-perfect, the
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we have seen in five years, maybe longer than that, 60 degrees this afternoon, sunni, not a lot of wind. mike has the forecast coming. juliet: two hours from the start of the parade, finishing area, balloons and floats ready to go, this is a live shot and so our new york city's finest. juliet: the holiday shopping season has bled over into today. ease to be tomorrow that it begins. they're pushing back against thanksgiving hours choosing to holiday. it is 5:29, i am ben simmoneau. thanksgiving. juliet: i am thankful to be sitting here with you and thankful to be working with you. believe that cereal cleared out of your throat? >> meteorologist: that might be
5:30 am
what it was. i have a little tickles thing going on. ben: i have a question. i made an assertion this is the nicest thanksgiving in five years with is that true? >> meteorologist: i would have to go back and do research because i cannot remember and i wasn't even here last year so i have no idea. i think it was cold last year. i got sick toward the end. let's show you what is going on this thanksgiving, a nice one i remember. some research as to what is going on on thanksgiving in the city, let's show you what is going on today, if you go to thanksgiving day parade a lot of folks do this, a lot of folks want to get out there, not only kids but adults too, southwest
5:31 am
5:32 am
all the closures with the parade. what is going on. juliet: a big problem. ines: jeff maggert tractor trailer before route 84 blocking two lanes so some minor delays. past post avenue exit 32, an accident there eastbound, not a lot of cars on the road. everyone is on a different schedule, sunday is on a sunday school the, staten island railway on a saturday schedule, metro-north long island rail road new jersey transit on a holiday schedule with extra trains to and from the parade, new jersey transit buses and pass trains on a saturday schedule. ben: as much as part of thanksgiving as stuffing and turkey, macy's has in celebrating thanksgiving in new york city. ben: liz dahlem joins us from the west side live where everything is starting to
5:33 am
happen. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you guys. an exciting they to be out here as a spectator, good morning to be working, but big turkey, the starting point right there, that is how it is supposed to be to kick off thanksgiving day parade, we have a lot of floats stretching down central park west. a lot of people coming out to watch today, 3.5 million spectators are expected, 50 million people will watch on television as a new york city tradition comes to life. we have six new balloons that are going to make their debut bringing the number of giant characters to 17. newbie like we do every year and again apps characters from angry birds and a couple different characters from ice age as well. they will flow down on central park west and start at 77th street, across 59th street down 6 avenue and end at macy's and harold square where the stage is
5:34 am
we heard a lot about holiday cheer which is exciting but something new this year, safety concerns due to recent terrorist threats, a lot of extra police officers here but new yorkers and tourists alike on not letting that ruin their holiday plans. >> we need to support our city and don't need to stay home and wait for things to happen. >> this is one of the safest places in america, you got to live life, you can't live in fear. >> reporter: we will see a lot of police, we will show you the presence along 77th street, a couple officers getting the briefed there and just down the block we have a lease 100 going through roll call right now getting instructions so that is something you are going to notice whether you are out here or watching on the television and it takes a lot of people to pull this off, 8,000 participants taking part in a parade to make his massive production go off without a
5:35 am
performers at the end of the parade. mariah carey, sean mendez, it should be a really great show and a really great day for the city, spotlight on all the positives going on in manhattan. we are live on central park west. back to you. juliet: thanks. thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and we all know it is shopping time. ben: big question, is black friday passed a? a lot of retailers trying to spark some excitement, get people in stores with better deals, live outside the walmart in new jersey, i kind of have to say it is nice to see a little push back from this go out in the middle of the night and run over people and spend all sorts of money and all of people love the way. >> reporter: that had become of the fabric of the american
5:36 am
tradition thanksgiving weekend but more and more especially this year there are two strategies among retailers, some staying close altogether today including t. j. max, bad, bad and beyond, costco, others staying close tomorrow on black friday but plenty of retailers getting in on the action and doing so early opening today, walmart, take a look at this, they have rows and rows of barricades' lined up, they're getting ready because their door buster is begin tonight at 6:00. an estimated 135.5 million people expected to shop this holiday weekend and there will be plenty of opportunity to spend with your buster deals starting earlier than ever, once again wal-mart, target, best buy and macy's are among those opening their doors before you have a chance to digest the pumpkin pie. other retailers have taken a markedly different approach for going gray thursday. >> bring back the holidays with tjx and home goods.
5:37 am
>> reporter: the take back thanksgiving movement picked up steam among a number of retailers, response to consumer backlash and petitions to boycott those stores to open thursday but retail analysts say when stores open their physical locations is becoming less and less important as more people collected purchase online. >> more people are shopping online than ever before the won't see the frenzy in stores we might have seen even a couple years ago. >> reporter: if and when the urge to shop hits here are a few deals on line and in stores, target is giving a one hundred dollars gift cards for the purchase of an apple watch, best buy discounting i hads by $125 and old navy and the gap are offering 50% off everything. here is the deal. a lot of stores began their sales yesterday or earlier in the week. amazon started rolling out its black friday deals earlier this week and a lot of these deals continue through the weekend and on monday there is cybermonday,
5:38 am
plenty of opportunities to save on gifts this holiday season, you come out today or decide to wait a while. ben: thanks very much. astronauts aboard the international space station will enjoy it a thanksgiving meal today. juliet: it won't be the jews you wonderful turkey we have on our tables but smoked turkey, a candid yams, rehydrated corn and potatoes precooked and free traded so cooking a meal there obviously. not really as tasty as they have back here waiting for them on earth. the crew has the day off from working on research projects and later on they will watch football just like the rest of us. ben: that is nice, they can just relax. all right, you do that. i have to say you do that, i was watching a the little bit of our show and you do that at times. juliet: i never used to do that and it is constant.
5:39 am
the rest of the morning. what is going on? >> meteorologist: i am on your team. we need to get -- it is going to be another war one out there, folks may be tempted to go out in short sleeves. here is what we have, pretty cool, 42 degrees central park with the sky clear, winds calm at this hour, other temperatures in the tristate and beyond, boston not bad, 41 degrees same as we have here, 38 in albany, 40 in williamsport, buffalo at 40 degrees, they are seeing warmer temperatures there because the cold front was getting closer so you get more southerly flow and cloud cover in that area but for us a mainly temperatures for the morning and with the help of sunshine we are going to see high-temperatures into and above normal range, average high this time of year is 50, 51. to get to 60, pretty good deal, high pressure in control. it is shifting of short, we will
5:40 am
coming, what that will do is bring onshore some additional cloud cover here especially later tonight and into tomorrow and that means cloudier skies as we head into that time frame through the day today, mainly sunny skies for the majority, cloud in the afternoon and evening and they start to thicken up tomorrow, tomorrow is a murkier day but we don't get too much when it comes to rainfall, isn't drizzle tomorrow. saturday cold front dropping through the tristate region and that will bring some showers right as we get up and out the door at 8:00 in the morning saturday, doesn't look like the rain will be that impressive nor will it stick around long, mainly for the first half of the day and dry skies later on. today we start you with sunshine and build in a few clouds in the afternoon, high temperatures 60 as we go through the next seven days, 64 high tomorrow, our high tomorrow rain early saturday and clear and dry after that. weather apps apple play store, daily and hourly
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here comes ines and the latest info on where you could park and drive and things like that. ines: a lot of green, not a lot going on, let's talk about parade closures, sixth avenue closed by 49th street, traffic crosstown, and the entire stretch, let's go to the map, formation of the parade close here, center park west from 86th street, center bart in columbus avenue, and that is where the parade starts at 77, that is where balloon satsop, a central part, parade closures will make its way in the closures and it is all set up, columbus circle, head up toward 6 avenue and all the way towards 44th street. all the street closures, and
5:42 am
streets are open, figure out a way out of it. juliet: from long island to the upper east side, getting closer, those streets, good to know. we have a lot more coming up, big night on empire and we will have a recap of the show. juliet: stay with us, coming right back. catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue cookie-flavored coffees. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte
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ben: thanksgiving morning, 5:45, the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving parade live look from the west side, the big turkey not as cool as our turkey in the weather center but still pretty cool, 17 giant balloons taking part of a parade six our brand new, 3.5 million spectators, is it your turn to make that noise as lucky to 50 million watching on television, 50 million, 2500 nypd officers. juliet: there will be a large police presence but there are things you will not be seen, 135 million americans are expected to shop this holiday weekend, door buster deals are starting earlier than ever at some stores but for a lot of the best deals you don't have to leave your
5:45 am
deals apply to online sites as well. in the mother who left her baby in a nativity scene, prosecutors found and interviewed the mother and she followed the spirit of new york's safe-haven law. i'll doing well and is in the care of authorities. a lot of people hoping to adopt that little baby boy. juliet: sports, lot of locals in action last night. let's start with basketball. ben: knicks down with the orlando, second quarter carmelo anthony hit the jumper, two of his 28 on the night, cut the miami need to six. they depot, in the fourth, this triple blow. the nets work out facing the thunder's.
5:46 am
and beat the buzzer, 27 points for westbrook. and a 3-pointer, and 30 points, 26 is not enough, nets lose it 1-10 to 99 the final. >> not a good night for the blue shirts. the rangers lost 5-1, montreal over take some in the eastern conference. the second period tied at one. squeaking into the short flight of the net. and a fifth of the season, they go on to win, 3-1 in the final. ben: across the hudson river, devils hosting the blue jackets
5:47 am
hockey coach will tell you good things happen in the front of the net and that is what matt calvert did, find a rebound for the gold, blue jackets up 1, they will hold on to win. ben: we have a parade getting ready. liz dahlem is reporting in for us. mike, the weather looks like it is pretty good. >> meteorologist: it looks great. we did a little research to see when the last time was we had 60. in 2007. ben: i was close. i said five years. ines: >> meteorologist: it has been eight years. just wanted to make sure. we at 66 degrees that day but you know what happens with days that warm? it is raining at the same time. not this year's so we are in good shape. 42 at central park right now, 36 out at newark, 30 in allentown, 25 in poughkeepsie, 35 in bridgeport with party cloudy to mainly clear sky, the sun is not
5:48 am
yet but it will be soon enough as far as temperatures go, temperature changes, most of us are a little warmer than yesterday at the same time, 4 degrees warmer the average pump up in temperatures, that is what you have at central park and poughkeepsie and allentown but it is 24 degrees warmer in montauk but altogether should be a warmer day with slight winds, light and variable at this point only coming through 3 to 6, a lot of spots reporting winds calm at this hour so mainly clear sky, not much going on until this cold front right here is going to swing into the tristate region bringing us showers but still a couple days away. your forecast for the day, the breakfast time a lot of folks are going to get up and have a nice leisurely breakfast, we will see sunny skies dry, chilly conditions lunch time, partly sunny skies, light winds, same basic thing we head into the afternoon, 60 for a high later today, as you had your dinner in the afternoon or late evening,
5:49 am
temperatureswise 60 for a high today, mostly cloudy tonight, maybe patchy fog, lows 37 to 51 and through the next five to seven days we are looking at a high of 64 cities wore red and we have today for black friday, 53 saturday, some showers coming through saturday, dry sunday, monday, cool days, some showers chances back in tuesday into wednesday. let's get you to ines and look at what is happening with our commute, problems on the roads and a few spots with closures. ines: definitely problems out there because of the holiday. jeff maggert tractor trailer 684 north out as two lanes closed by route 84, your commute in new jersey cure traveling now no problems on some of the or 287. let's look outside on the northern state parkway pasco's avenue, an accident in the area eastbound cleared away no problems westbound, with the
5:50 am
trains, different schedule, the staten island railway is on a saturday schedule, holiday schedule metro-north long island rail road, new jersey transit and pass trains on saturday schedule. juliet: a lot more coming day. ben: a rapper giving back in his hometown of paterson, new jersey. juliet: very graciously.
5:51 am
up. imagine a world where the only thing you had to wrestle for on thanksgiving was the last piece of pumpkin pie. and the only place we camped out was in front of a fire and not the parking lot of a store. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we' re closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let' s put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls
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ben: anna gilligan is here. juliet: happy thanksgiving is a married woman. anna: helping my mother a lot to pull that off. let's talk about last night's empire and give you some plot lines. whether it is series development with 32 guests are don the episode, alisha cheese played sky summers, a superstar and the music world collaborating with jamal we know is that there is undeniable chemistry. here you see it, they end up kissing and making an amazing song in the process, cliffhanger
5:53 am
rosie o'donnell's character who is one of cookie's old jail house friends. and also tracked down there other sister carol in philadelphia, we will talk about empire on "good day new york" and empire is back next wednesday. and we already saw him throwing cash to shoppers, now returned to patterson, this thanksgiving. he and community organizers handed out 250 turkeys tuesday but it was more than food, a powerful message from his success story. >> the field it is not impossible, not impossible to follow your dreams but do what you want to be. anna: lisa evers giving that exclusive. he is to not have an address on thanksgiving himself. he used to do with the called
5:54 am
plate toppings. team made the holliday better for a lot of people. juliet: lowered to his hometown. anna: jennifer lawrence is expanding his horizons, now she's going to try her hand at directing. the hunger games actress told entertainment weekly she signed on to be behind the camera for something called project delirium, based on the article about mental warfare in the 60s, also she wants to direct comedies, will she make this a comedic take on mental-health which seems an unlikely pairing but this will probably be separate projects. we also know she is working on a script with amy schumer, started plotting the future career which you have to do in hollywood. >> selecting a swift knows how to do the business side of her career. which is very important because the sun deck that you don't retire from hollywood, hollywood
5:55 am
retires use the you have to have a plan b. ben: it has become a presidential tradition the year the pardon of the turkey. juliet: president obama spread the bird at the rose garden, his seventh turkey barn and and his daughter couldn't help throwing out a dad joke. >> hard to believe this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey, time flies even if turkeys don't. >> that was good. >> the president said as silly as the turkey pardon is, a gives him an opportunity to which americans happy thanksgiving not that he couldn't from the oval office but it is more casual. ben: this is the one event he does with two girls with him every year and i have to say how it has grown. they were little kids when he first came to office and going
5:56 am
does goes so fast. >> we are a couple minutes from the top of the 6:00 hour.
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